Dear students!

It's holiday time but it's also a good opportunity to revise all you have done during the school year.

This page aims to offer you some possibilities, depending on what you need, either grammar, spelling, listening, games... so, don't hesitate and start now.  

Have a nice summer!


What can you do?


Vocabulary related to sports and free time activities.
Activities to practice what we can or can’t do.
Activities to practice vocabulary related to jobs and occupations.

What are you doing?


Types of films

Activities to practice how to say what we do at this moment.
Activities to practice countries and their nationalities.
To practice vocabulary related to films and what films do we like.

Do you like sports?

Famous people

My weekend

Activities to practice what we like or don’t like.
Activities to learn about people, their inventions and discoveries.
Activities to talk and write about what I do during my free time.


Books to read and listen 

Stories to listen organized by topics

Stories to listen (BEGINNERS)

National Geographic Kids!! (ADVANCED)
Here you can get facts and pictures about your favourite animals, play cool games, watch amazing videos and get information about nature, science, space and countries!

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